Our goal is to ensure that the community at large is educated on the extensive issues that plague the New York City Public Schools while protecting the SHSAT-only admissions policy for the Specialized High Schools. 

At least 50,000 students per grade fail to reach proficiency standards. There are 85,000 students per grade.

A 59% failure rate within the NYC Department of Education is educational malpractice. Blaming an exam for a lack of diversity is simple a way to deviate from the real failures. 


Failing Over 75% of our Black & Hispanic Communites

CoalitionEDU is dedicated to making sure that our students receive the best

education possible. The DOE constantly drives attention to the SHSAT

in order to ignore the actual problem. The DOE begins failing over 75% of

our Black and Hispanic students starting in the 3rd grade.  


In The Press

Our advocacy work for the SHSAT has been extensively covered. 

Take a look to learn more about what we've been working on. 


About Us & Our Mission

CoalitionEDU is a network of alumni, students, parents, and others who support the fine traditions of the Specialized High Schools of New York City.